2 chairs and coffee table set personalised handetched table top

2 chairs and coffee table set personalised handetched table top

This fabulous set is made from madeira/bourbon barrels they are handcrafted and the table has been handetched and finished with black foil leaf gilding

The Lounger chairs are unbelievably comfortable and supportive with the natural curve of the barrel enhancing the comfort value, your body just fits perfectly, they are super strong and sturdy chairs and perfect for outside use.

The super sturdy table is perfect for outside use and can be etched with your choice of design photos are examples only, every barrel Is different making every item we make unique.

Added bonus we will add a free footstool with one chair and a bottle opener on the other

Own your own eco statement piece made using repurposed whisky barrels, each tree has to grow 60 years and 1 tree will make approx 8 barrels, we can turn these unwanted barrels into stunning items of furniture/decor to last many more years!

Everything is handmade to order and can take 2-4 weeks contact us directly if you need it any sooner we will do our best to help

Price includes national delivery but Collection is welcome if you wish to collect please contact us directly as we can reduce the price

Local delivery is free