Slimmer Wallet/Purse with strap personalised

Slimmer Wallet/Purse with strap personalised

We are thrilled to announce in time for Christmas this fantastic wooden wallet/purse/business holder, this is made using Penderyn Distillery upcycled whisky barrels, it comes plain or like this one you can have them personalised and we can even monogram the leather strap! This is a true whisky barrel wallet! It weighs approx 70g and takes approximately 10 bank cards or approximately 25 of our business cards in, no more bent damaged edges from pockets for us!!

Stand out from the crowd with your very own bespoke card wallet 

Everything is handmade to order and can take 2-4 weeks contact us directly if you need it any sooner we will do our best to help

Our smaller items including these wallets can be shipped internationally enquire for details and delivery 

Price includes delivery but Collection is welcome if you wish to collect please contact us directly as we can reduce the price 

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