Fully padded 2 inch thick foam luxury large dog bed half barrel laid down 35 inches length



Handcrafted Dragons etched into each barrel, can be made to order with different colours.


This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. Starting from £35


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Are you fed up of repeating WiFi passwords or trying to scan QR codes?

Barreled Over has come up with a solution that is both easy and decorative, negating the need for messy bits of paper. Any shape and size can be ordered and it requires no batteries or electric connection. It's easily updated if you need to change to password at anytime.

I would like to introduce you to the Barreled Over NFC Wi-Fi porter.. 

Help your guests/friends get online with a single tap using an NFC porter, the user taps where indicated with their NFC switched on and it will immediately connect most android and Iphones to your Wi-Fi with no need to input the password, saving you time and helping to keep social distancing possible. 

It's eco-friendly as we're using up-cycled oak whisky barrel staves to create something both decorative and practical. We can even put on etched slate coasters, the possibilities are endless...

They are all unique and can be personalised with your own design requirements... They are easily adaptable to suit your needs from a small pocket size version staff could carry round with them, a table top coaster/marker or even a complete barrel stave with any etching wording/copper leaf you would like.  

Starting from £20 contact us for further information as everything is handmade to order.



This is not any dog bed....this is a luxury barreled over dog bed it has a 2 inch foam faux leather wipeable surface mounted on a removable board giving a small but useful space underneath which could be used to store poo bags/leads/small toys. It is approx 2ft 9 wide x 2ft deep with the cushion itself measuring approx 20" x 2ft 7. It has padded edges also wipeable... a true luxury whiskey barrel dog bed suitable for a large or several small dogs.


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